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The Aurora History Museum is a cultural institution located at 15051 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012. The museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the city and its surrounding areas. With a collection of more than 20,000 artifacts, photographs, and documents, the Aurora History Museum is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of this region. Learn more

The museum was first established in 1979 as a small community center with a historical focus. Over the years, the museum has grown and expanded, moving to a new location in 2008 that was designed specifically for museum use. The new building is located in the heart of Aurora’s historic district, and it has quickly become a focal point for cultural and educational activities in the area.

One of the most significant exhibits at the Aurora History Museum is the permanent exhibit, “Growing Home: Aurora’s History Revealed.” This exhibit explores the history of Aurora, from its early days as a farming community to its current status as a thriving city. Through interactive displays, visitors can learn about the people, places, and events that have shaped Aurora over the years. The exhibit is divided into several sections, each highlighting a different aspect of Aurora’s history. Some of the highlights include an early 1900s farm kitchen, a replica of an old-fashioned soda fountain, and a display about Aurora’s role in the Civil Rights Movement.

In addition to the permanent exhibit, the Aurora History Museum also hosts a variety of temporary exhibits throughout the year. These exhibits cover a wide range of topics, from local history to contemporary art. Recent exhibits have included “Remembering Our Fallen,” a display honoring Colorado soldiers who have died in service to their country, and “Art 2C on Havana,” a showcase of local artists who have contributed to the revitalization of Havana Street.

The museum also offers a range of educational programs for children and adults. These programs include guided tours, lectures, and workshops on a variety of topics related to Aurora’s history and culture. One popular program is the “History Mystery” series, which challenges participants to solve a historical mystery using clues found throughout the museum.

Another unique aspect of the Aurora History Museum is its emphasis on community engagement. The museum actively seeks input from members of the community to ensure that its exhibits and programs reflect the needs and interests of Aurora’s diverse population. The museum also partners with local schools and organizations to provide educational opportunities for students and to promote cultural awareness and understanding. Browse around this site

Overall, the Aurora History Museum is a valuable cultural institution that serves as a window into the history and culture of Aurora and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re a longtime resident of the area or a visitor just passing through, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the people, places, and events that have shaped this vibrant community. From its permanent exhibit to its temporary displays and educational programs, the Aurora History Museum is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of this dynamic city.

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