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Dental crowns offer added support for damaged teeth. When a tooth becomes weakened, a crown provides extra strength to extend the life of the tooth and maintain a healthy appearance. 

At Midtown Dental, we offer permanent crowns in a variety of durable materials. 

The Crown Procedure

A damaged tooth can cause a great deal of pain and can also take on a discolored appearance. Dental crowns can help reduce pain and enhance your smile.

During a crown appointment, a dentist makes a mold of the damaged tooth. A dental technician creates a crown that is as close to an exact duplicate of the compromised tooth as possible.

A dentist drills away the damaged area of the tooth to make room for the crown. The crown fits over the tooth and protects the root. A finished crown fits in seamlessly with the remaining teeth.

It can take one or two visits to apply a crown. It is not uncommon for a dentist to prepare the tooth and take impressions during the first appointment and apply the crown during the second. If the crown requires two visits, the dentist will apply a temporary crown to avoid damaging the tooth between appointments.

Reasons a Tooth May Require a Crown

There are several reasons to choose a crown to restore a tooth. Any time a tooth sustains trauma, whether through injury or extensive dental treatment, the tooth becomes weakened. Eventually, a tooth may need a crown to maintain its integrity and avoid extraction.

  • Crowns are useful in the following scenarios:
  • After a root canal procedure, the remaining tooth is fragile. A crown can restore the tooth and protect the root.
  • If the tooth has a sizeable filling, the thin walls of the tooth may not hold the filling material. 
  • A crown can restore a cracked or chipped tooth to avoid further breakage.
  • The teeth anchoring a dental bridge may require dental crowns to maintain strength.

If a tooth is significantly worn down or discolored, a crown can help restore an appearance consistent with the surrounding teeth.

Types of Crowns

Porcelain crowns look almost identical to tooth enamel. A dentist can match a porcelain crown to the color of the surrounding teeth for a natural look. Porcelain crowns do not require any special care aside from a typical dental routine.

Metal crowns are very strong, but because they are made of gold or other metals, they are not always a desired choice. For children, stainless steel is the typical option.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have a metal core and a porcelain coating. PFM crowns offer the durability of metal combined with aesthetically pleasing porcelain. Over time, the porcelain coating may wear away, exposing the metal core.

Dental Crowns in Denver

Well-maintained dental crowns can last for years. Midtown Dental in Denver, CO, offers options made from a variety of materials, from porcelain to gold or resin crowns. Our team is available to answer all questions and help maintain a beautiful smile.

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