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Dental implants are an amazing advancement in dental reconstruction. When a tooth becomes damaged due to trauma or repeated treatment, such as fillings or root canals, it may be too fragile to safely remain in the mouth. Dental implants offer a more comfortable, permanent solution than dentures or a bridge.

Midtown Dental in Denver offers high-quality dental care, including dental implants. The Midtown Dental team provides caring dentistry to maintain beautiful smiles.

The Implant Process

Dental implants are natural-looking replacement teeth. They are a high-quality option if the original tooth is no longer viable. 

The implant itself is a tiny titanium post that the dentist places within the jawbone in the same area as the original tooth root. Placing the implant is a minor oral surgery requiring no more than local anesthetic.

After the implant procedure, it takes at least three months for the titanium post to fuse with your jawbone. It could take up to six months for the jaw to fully heal. Impeccable oral hygiene during this time is imperative to avoid infection and expedite the healing process.

Once the area is fully healed, the dental team will install the customized artificial tooth. The new tooth will match the color and size of the surrounding teeth for a natural look. Dental implants require the same amount of dental care as natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits of choosing a dental implant over a bridge, dentures, or even a crown. Some are immediately apparent, and some are long-term. 

Immediate Benefits

Unlike dentures, which may fall out while eating, no food is harmful to dental implants. The titanium post keeps the tooth firmly in place at all times, including while eating or drinking. 

Dentures are very obvious and can affect speech patterns. Dental implants are so close to the appearance of normal teeth that they often go undetected.

When tooth loss occurs, the jawbone may weaken. Tooth roots provide stability to the jaw. The titanium posts on dental implants restore any deterioration within the jawbone. 

Unlike bridges, dental implants do not compromise the surrounding teeth. While bridges are held in place by adjacent teeth, dental implants are held in place solely by the titanium post. 

Long-Term Benefits

Dental implants typically last a decade with excellent oral hygiene. Dentures and bridges last a few years before requiring replacement. 

Dentures require special care to keep clean and special adhesive to stay safely in the mouth. Dental implants don’t require any extra products or tools to clean and maintain. They require the same dental care as normal teeth.

Dental implants can be costly upfront, but because they last a long time and don’t require expensive adhesive, they are a wise investment.

Dental Implants in Denver

Dental implants are a fantastic long-term solution to tooth loss. They maintain a beautiful smile and improve the quality of life for patients of all ages. Call Midtown Dental in Denver, CO, at 303-377-2345 for a dental implant evaluation. Learn more today. 

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