Global Styles

Global Fonts

To change the theme fonts, go to: WordPress admin, Divi > Theme Options and scroll to the Custom CSS section at the bottom of the page. Locate the following lines of CSS (they should be at the top) and replace the font names in orange:

Open Divi Theme Options

/* Theme font-family */
h1, h1 p, h2, h3, h4, h5 { font-family: ‘DM Sans‘, Helvetica, Arial, Lucida, sans-serif !important; }
p, li, blockquote, a { font-family: ‘Lato‘, Helvetica, Arial, Lucida, sans-serif !important; }

Global Colors

Use the modules below to change the global theme colors. Open the module settings by hovering over the module and clicking the gear icon. Expand the Background toggle and locate the teardrop-shaped swatch with a dropper icon inside. Click it to open the color picker and enter the new hex color code. When asked if you’re sure you wan to change the color, click Yes. When you’re done, click the green checkmark button at the bottom-right corner of the settings panel to save your change. When you’re finished adding all the new global colors, click Save in the bottom-right corner of the screen or use the keyboard shortcut command / ctrl + S.

Primary Accent

Use for buttons, links, icons, kickers etc.

Primary Dark

Used for headings, body text, background colors, etc.

Secondary Dark

Used only on the top header bar and bottom footer bar.

Accent Overlay

Primary accent set at 90% opacity. Used on background photo overlays.

Dark Overlay

Primary dark set at 90% opacity. Used on background photo overlays.